Community-Minded, Interdisciplinary, Technology Driven

Solving the grand challenges our world faces requires thoughtful undaunted leaders generating rigorous research to produce outcomes that inform meaningful productive results for the greater good.

At the UW’s College of Built Environments we strategically bring together the five specific disciplines related to designing, planning, constructing, and managing the spaces and places we live, work, and gather. We have identified a number of strategic research areas addressing key areas that answer the grand challenges of urbanization, globalism, and sustainability.

Tackling a breadth of issues, our research labs and centers are recognized for their contributions to policy, sustainability, preservation, technology, and collaboration. To deepen the impact and expand the influence of our research, the College has established the Institute for Built Environments Innovation (iBE). This institute builds on our commitment to finding solutions through an interdisciplinary approach. Through iBE faculty and students are able to share ideas, expertise, and work together to solve problems.