BE Graduation

Congratulations to graduating students in the College of Built Environments. Please review the information below to assist you in your graduation plans. Please note,Graduation 2020 will be offered in a virtual webcast format to adhere to social distancing during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

CBE 2020 Virtual Graduation Celebration

CBE Graduation celebration will take place on

Saturday, June 13, 2020

3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Please RSVP to CBE Graduation celebration here by June 5th.  If you would like to submit a personal photo for inclusion in the CBE graduation celebration slide show, you can submit your photo here in PGN or JPG form by June 1.  If you prefer that we display no personal photo as your departmental chair announces the graduates, we will simply display your name and an image from around UW campus.

**By submitting your photo, you are consenting to your photo being shown publicly on our graduation stream.

In order to receive access to the CBE graduation webcast, you must register through UW Commencement as well by May 19th.

Register Here 

For more information on participating in UW Commencement, follow instructions below.

University of Washington Commencement Ceremony

For the first time in the University’s 159-year history, the graduating class is invited to join in two Commencement ceremonies:

Celebrating Worldwide: an engaging and historic LIVE interactive webcast
Saturday, June 13, 2020
1:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Return to Husky Stadium

To participate ​in the UW Commencement ceremony 2020:

Complete the UW Commencement Registration/Order form by May 19.

    • Register for the UW Commencement

    • This will generate your access code for our ceremony.

  • Once you complete this form you will receive a link from MarchingOrder to submit your image for walking in the UW Commencement. Complete the form from by May 29.

Applying for your University of Washington Degree

Degree applications are coordinated by your individual departments and programs. If you have any questions about your degree please contact your departmental adviser. Please carefully review and respond to all graduation notifications.

Student Cap + Gown Rental

All graduates are required to wear cap and gown to the UW Commencement (BE Graduation Celebration preferred), which may be purchased  May 6 – 24

Faculty Cap + Gown Rental

College Facutly & Staff Award Nominations

Submission Deadline: Monday, June 1, 2020


Eligible to nominate: CBE Students

Named it after the legendary and inspirational professor Lionel H. (“Spike”) Pries (1897-1968) who taught in the architecture program from 1928 to 1958 this award recognizes outstanding teaching by faculty in our college.   For more than three decades, the recipient of the Pries Teaching Award has been determined by CBE student nominations and a vote of the CBE Student Council.

All CBE faculty—with the exception of the previous year’s winner—are eligible to receive this award.

To nominate a faculty member for the Lionel Pries Award for Teaching Excellence CBE students please click here.


Eligible to nominate: CBE Faculty, Staff, and Students

The Distinguished Staff Award is intended to recognize the recipient’s extraordinary contributions to the College. The nominee should contribute to a positive collegial environment for the benefit of faculty, staff, and students, with a focus on promoting unity and communication as well as demonstrating an extraordinary level of commitment, leadership and cooperation within the CBE.

All nominations should be based on meritorious activity since the previous year’s nomination deadline of May of last year. Eligible staff are those who have been employed at CBE for the last six months at 50% or more. Ineligible staff include previous two year’s winners.

All nominations must be submitted by individuals rather than by a group. As such, if an entire department wants to nominate a person, each person would be asked to complete the catalyst survey in support of that person’s nomination. Submit your nominations here:

The Staff Award winner will be selected by the previous two year’s winners and the dean of the college.

To nominate a staff member for the Distinguished Staff Award CBE faculty, staff, and students please click here.


Eligible to nominate: CBE Faculty and Staff

The Outstanding Faculty Award recognizes a recognizes a full-time faculty member who has made the most notable contributions in their field or to the community in research and/or service, or to their department or college, or to students through teaching and/or service during this academic year.  

Eligibility:  All full-time CBE faculty, except those holding administrative positions (e.g, Dean, Associate Dean, or Chair) or those who have received the award in the past three years, may be considered for the award.

To nominate a faculty member for the Distinguished Faculty Award CBE faculty and staff please click here.


Eligible to nominate: CBE Faculty and Staff

The Outstanding Part-Time Faculty Award recognizes a full-time faculty member who has made the most notable contributions in their field or to the community in research and/or service, to their department or college, or to students through teaching and/or service during this academic year.


  • All part-time CBE faculty members (including lecturers and affiliate faculty of all ranks) can be considered for the award.
  • Part-time faculty members nominated must have taught at least one course during the current academic year and must have taught at least one course each year for the previous five years.
  • Faculty members are not eligible to receive the award if they have received the award within the previous three years.

To nominate a faculty member for the Outstanding Part-Time Faculty Award CBE faculty and staff please click here.