Built Environments Library, Gould 334

The Built Environments (BE) Library is one of 16 unique University of Washington Libraries and contains a specialized and unusual collection of about 60,000 monograph and periodical volumes related to CBE disciplines. 

Pacific Coast Architecture Database

The Pacific Coast Architecture Database (PCAD) includes a range of information on the buildings and architects of California, Oregon and Washington.

Also included are professionals in other fields who have made an impact on the built environment, such as landscape architects, interior designers, engineers, urban planners, developers, and building contractors. Building records are tied to those of their creators (when known) and include historical and geographical information and images. Bibliographical information, such as magazine and book citations and web sites, has also been linked for creators and their partnerships and structures.

Regional Community Groups

Community, cultural, and faith based organizations serve as an important resource to the development and preservation of the built environments for our neighborhoods, cities, and businesses.

Learn about groups having an impact in Seattle and the greater Puget Sound Region.

The Ostroff Collection

The Ostroff Collection focus on modern industrial and furniture design, and is especially strong on the works of Ettore Sottsass, Jr., and other late-century Italian designers. The collection was complied in the 1990s and early 2000s by Daniel Ostroff, a film producer and agent, living in Los Angeles, CA. 

BE Subject + Class Guide

Architecture – Subject Guide for Architecture and Architectural History Students.
Construction Management
Landscape Architecture
Real Estate
Urban Design and Planning

See also: ALL subject and class guides

Visual Resources Collection, Gould 330
The Visual Resources Collection of the College of Built Environments serves faculty, students, and staff by providing digital images, scanning services, and slides to meet the classroom and research needs of the College.

The Collection consists of approximately 90,000 digital images and 130,000 circulating 35mm slides, representing the worlds of architecture and related fields, design, and art history. The digital image database is available online; please contact the VRC Director for an account to access this resource.

The Collection is always growing. New accessions include commercial image purchases, images requested by faculty from printed materials, on-site photography, donations of original images from faculty, and retro-cataloged images from un-cataloged sections of the Collection.

The VRC is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. Email Josh Polansky, the VRC Curator at with further questions.