Software + Application Server+Remote Access Lab

Software on CBE Lab/Studio/Loaner Computers and Citrix Application Server

Title Version Note
7-Zip 19
Adobe Creative Cloud 2020 Acrobat DC, AfterEffects, Audition, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom Classic, Media Encoder, Photoshop, Premiere Pro
Anaconda 2019.03
ArcGIS (ESRI) 10.71 ArcCatalog, ArcGlobe, ArcMap, ArcScene
ArcGIS Pro(ESRI) 2.6
Arduino 1.8.12
Argus Enterprise 12.1
Athena IE 5.4
Autodesk Suite 2021 3dsMax, Autocad, Architecture, DWG TrueView, Inventor, Navisworks, ReCap, Revit, Robot
Bluebeam Revu 2019
CityEngine (ESRI) 2019
Climate Consultant 6.0
Comfen (LBNL) 4.1, 5.0
Conefor 2.6
Connectivity Analysis 1.3.2
Dialux 4.13
Energy Plus 9.1
ENVI 5.5.3
ESRI ArcGIS Desktop Apps(10.71):ArcCatalog,ArcGlobe,ArcMAP,ArcScene, CityEngine(2019), ArcGIS Pro(2.6)
Fragstats 4.2
Google Chrome 85
Google Earth Pro 7.3.3
HdrScope 1.0
IDL 8.7.3
IrfanView 4.52
JetBrains Pycharm 2019
Land F-X 16.55 AutoCAD Plugin
Lands Design 4.9.9 Rhino Plugin
LBNL Optics6, Therm 7.7, Window 7.7
Lumion 10.3.2
MeshLab 2020.07
Microsoft Office 2016 Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, Word, Visio
Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.5
Mozilla Firefox 79
MySQL Workbench 8.0 CE
OnScreen Takeoff 3.97
OSGeo4W QGis 3.14, Grass GIS 7.8.3, SAGA GIS 2.3.2
Panopto Recorder 8.0.1
PlanGrid 1.38
Primavera 6.19.12
Processing 3.5.4
R, R Studio 4.0.2, 1.3
Rhinoceros 6.28
Rhino 6 Plugins Bongo 2, Diva 4.1, Flamingo nXT 5, Grasshopper 1.0, Lands Design 4.9.9, V-Ray Next
Grasshopper Plugins Culebra 1.0, FireFly 1.0, gHowl R50, HelioTrope 2.02, HoneyBee 66, HoopSnake 0.6.7, Human ui 2017, Hummingbird, Kangaroo 2.31, Karamba 1.3(admin), LadyBug 69, Lunchbox 2018, Meerkat 1.6, OpenXML(admin) 2.5, Slingshot! 2015, WeaverBird .90
Sage Estimating 19.12
SecureCRT 8.0
SketchUp Pro 2020 V-Ray Next plugin
Sococo 6.5
Stroboscope/EZStrobe 4.0 Visio 2016 Plugin
Tableau 2020.2
UW VPN f5 BIG-IP Edge Client
VideoLAN VLC Player 3.08
Vuescan 9.7.30
WinSCP 5.17.7
WWHM 2012
Windows 10
Zoom 5.2
Title Version Note
ArcGIS Desktop 10.71 ArcCatalog, ArcMap, ArcScene
ArcGIS Pro 2.6
Argus Enterprise 12.1
Athena IE 5.4
Bluebeam Revu Extreme 2019
CircuitScape 4.05
DIALux 4.13
Fragstats 4.2
On-Screen Takeoff 3.97
Primavera 6.19.12
Microsoft Project 2016
Risk 8.0
Sage Estimating 19.12
Tableau 2020
Microsoft Visio 2016 Ezstrobe/Stroboscope Plugins

How to Connect to the Citrix Application Server

The first time you use a given computer to work with the Citrix Application Server, you may need to install a bit of software. If the computer you’re using is a CBE-provided lab/studio/library loaner machine, you can skip to step 6.

  1. Open a browser and go to .
  2. If you are on a CBE-provided lab/studio/library loaner machine, you may skip to logging in (step 6).
  3. If you are on a non-CBE computer, you will need to install the Citrix Receiver.  Click the “Detect Receiver” button. Then check the box “I agree…”, and click “Download”. Launch the downloaded installer and follow the instructions. When the installation is complete, click the “Finished” button in the Citrix Receiver installer window.
  4. Restart your computer.
  5. Open a browser and go to  If the Install message appears again, click “Already Installed”.
  6. Log in using your UW NetID and password.
  7. Note:  Sometimes Citrix gets confused about whether its receiver has been installed.  If you have already installed the Citrix Receiver, click “Already Installed” to bypass the initial window.
  8. If you are using Chrome, you may notice that a Citrix application doesn’t launch, and instead downloads an “ica” file.  Simply right-click the file at the bottom of the browser window and choose “Always open this type of file”.  Relaunch the Citrix application and it should open directly from then on.
  9. For more detailed instructions, see CBE-citrix-instructions .

Software Deals for UW/CBE Students

Free ESRI (ArcGIS Desktop) software for students in GIS courses
UW students enrolled in GIS courses may acquire ESRI software for use on personal computers on a one-year time out license. The software must be requested through an instructor who is teaching a GIS course in which the student is enrolled.
Please see the UW ArcGIS page for more information.

Free Enscape software for UW students / faculty
UW students and faculty can register with Enscape to receive a free 6-month license for non-commercial use. Register at EnScape Educational Licensing using your UW email address and follow the instructions.

Free ArchiCAD software for UW students / faculty / staff
UW students, faculty, and staff can register with Graphisoft to gain free access to ArchiCAD for the duration of their time at the UW. To take advantage of this offer, register at using your UW email address and follow the instructions.

Free Autodesk software for UW students / faculty / staff
Anyone with a UW email address ( may participate in Autodesk’s Education Community program. Along with much educational material, most Autodesk applications are available for free through the program, on a three-year time out license.

UW-IT Autodesk for Education information page

Autodesk Free Software page

Fusion 360 Free Software page

Free Lumion student licenses for UW students
Full-time UW students in AEC-related fields can gain free access to the student version of this rather spiffy visualization/rendering package. Please note that its hardware requirements are significant – details available on their web site:

Free Microsoft software for UW students
Thanks in part to funding from the UW Student Technology Fee, several Microsoft applications are available for free download by UW students. For more information about this program, and to download the software, please check out UW-IT’s software site:

UW-IT Microsoft Software for Students information page

Adobe software for UW students
Adobe has ended their temporary program to provide free licenses to UW students. UW students can purchase Adobe Creative Cloud directly from Adobe’s website at a reduced price. Adobe CC Student Pricing.

Rhinoceros software for students and faculty
McNeel’s popular Rhino package is available at a steep discount for qualifying students and faculty from the University Bookstore. See their Rhino 6 page for details. Rhino is also available for an extended 90-day free trial.

Using CBE Remote Access Computing Labs

Students must use UW VPN to access CBE Remote computers from off campus. Note: Connections time out after 72 hrs.

DC Win is for general use. FabLab is only for fabrication students and will be restricted.

Mac users will need to download and install Microsoft Remote Desktop. Find the app in the Mac App Store

Store all files in the Cloud. Do not store any files on the CBE Remote computer, they may be deleted at anytime.Options include:
          UDrive: Users auto-connect to their UW “U” Drive, with upto 50gigs of storage.
          GDrive: Browse to, login to your personal or UW Google site.

Remember to Log off after your session, do not just close the Remote Desktop Program. Right click the Start Button, select “Sign Out” from the shutdown menu. Disconnected sessions will be automatically logged out after 10 minutes.

Only use 1 Remote Access Lab computer at a time and limit your sessions to when you are actually working. If you’ll be away for long, please log off. This will allow us to keep CBE Remote Access resources available to all who need them.

Special computing requirements? Email for assistance.


Download, Install and Connect to UW VPN. (required)
Browse to: DC Win Lab (General Use) or DigiFab (Restricted Use)
Choose an “Available” computer, click on it’s IP Address. This will download a .rdp file.
Dbl click the .rdp file, select Open w/ Remote Desktop, check Do this Automatically, Connect.
Enter your credentials with the netid domain first as netid\{uwnetid} and password.
Click through a couple of security messages. Check boxes Don’t ask…
Click Connect on the publisher, and Yes on the security messages.