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McKinley Futures Studio

Each year, the McKinley Futures Studio invites two CBE faculty members to co-host a course dedicated to a specific region or topic related to the future. Students are tasked with producing projects that generate research-based hypothetical design scenarios and are challenged to consider larger problems facing society—health, the environment, the economy, science, and technology. Since its launch these studios have focused on: Cities on Water and Smart Cities and Urban Productivity. This intensive quarter requires students to consult with, and be critiqued by, experts outside of the design fields—lawyers, environmental experts, healthcare providers, and business leaders. They use the perspectives and feedback to develop potential solutions, and present their findings and proposals at an end of year critique.

“The Futures Studio opened my mind to the very real and larger implications design can have. As a designer, I learned so much more about myself and my potential, when I was pushed beyond my comfort zone and forced to define my own boundaries,” Riva Black, master of architecture student.

McKinley Futures Studio Books