Emergency + Safety Info

In the event of an emergency immediately call 9-1-1

911 calls forward to Seattle Police or Washington State Patrol. For faster response, identify yourself as located on the UW campus and ask to be transferred to UWPD.

Building addresses:

Architecture Hall, 3943 Stevens Way W
Gould Hall, 3950 University Way NE
Community Design Building, 3947 University Way NE

Non-emergency UW Police Department 206-543-9331

Emergency Assembly Areas (Campus Map):

CBE Emergency Evacuation Operations Plan – 2015
Evacuation Maps – Gould Hall

Safety Information

Health & Safety Committee (site)

In an effort to minimize health and safety issues on campus for faculty, staff, students and their guests, 10 health and safety committees (HSCs) have been created. Each of the organizational unit committees look at the accident / incident reports pertinent to their area for evaluation and resolution of any on-going issues. These organizational committees each send two representatives to the University-Wide Health and Safety Committee referred to as the “U-Wide.” Elections are held every two years. The College of Built Environments belongs to Group 1.

Group 1 meets in the Suzallo Library, 5th floor conference room, second Wednesday of the month, 9:00 am – 10:30 am. CBE’s elected representative is Meegan Amen.